About California Notary Public Online Course





Thanks for visiting Get Smart Notary School. We were one of the first California state approved vendors offering the required Notary Public class. From the outset, we have been dedicated to providing a course that meets the state requirements AND gives the student the knowledge to pass the state Notary Public exam. The feedback we have received from our students indicates our California Notary Public Online Course meets our goals.  The course is structured into 12 lessons.  There are 60 practice questions to test your knowledge of the material and build your confidence before you take the state exam.

Our course fulfills the state of California education requirements for 6 hours of education. Those Notaries Public who are reappointing and only require 3 hours of education enroll in the same course. Reappointing Notaries Public will probably complete the course in less time than a new Notary Public. The state requires that reappointing Notaries Public study the same material as new Notaries Public just spend less time. I think you will find we are a great value and offer the flexibility to complete the state requirements on your own timetable.  Once enrolled in the course, you can access the course 24/7.  After you complete the course you can still review the information to prepare for the state exam.  You have convenience, flexibility and a lower price than live classes.  With our online course, you are not under pressure to understand and assimilate the information in a structured class environment.  You can move slowly through material that may be new to you and breeze quickly through familiar material.

Upon completion of the California Notary Public Online Course, we email your completion certificate to you. There is no waiting for US Postal Service for your Certificate of Completion. Simply print the certificate and take it with you to the state exam. Can’t get much simpler than that!  I’m sure you have questions so please visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.